Posted by: Sara S. | November 16, 2009

Nuts 4 nuts!

It’s around this time of day that I would usually feast on a candy bar or brownie purchased during my lunch break. Because what better way to add empty calories to your life than through a Rice Krispie treat? (Dammit, do I love RK treats.)

But, no, instead of taking a chocolate break, I am going to tell you about the anti-sweet that I’m counting on to kick my refined sugar addiction: nuts. Nuts nuts nuts nuts. These little critters make me feel as if I’m eating Skittles or M&M’s—the key is that I get to have a handful, so there’s a process involved. [Ok, let’s take a moment here for a Truth: Eating nuts is not even close to eating candy, so when I say “make me feel” I mean, “use to delude myself into believing.”]

“Oh, an assortment of delightful almonds? Don’t mind if I do!” Although there’s no doubt in my mind that salted or sugared nuts are better than plain nuts, I’ll be sticking with untainted almonds, pistachios, walnuts and pecans. Below, two nut-pertinent articles:

Why you should learn to love pistachios

South Beach Diet spicy nut mix (I’ll spice up your nut mix!) (Gross.)


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