Posted by: Sara S. | November 16, 2009

Si se puede.

I am Sara and I will not be a fat bridesmaid.

For those unfamiliar with my little foray into the blogosphere, here is what’s important to know: Tomorrow is the first day in my quest to be a slimmer, less cranky version of my recently rounded, nap-prone self. I eat absolute crap, probably consuming 3,000-4,000 calories a day, and don’t exercise. Still, considering I haven’t had to invest in a new wardrobe yet, it seems mostly to have gone to not altogether unfortunate places (though, let’s be real, sometimes I can’t zip my pants and that’s when I thank Jesus for tunics).

But why now, you ask, why hop on the diet train?

Well, as you probably picked up from the URL, I am standing up in a wedding next October, and I really don’t want to be worried that my ass looks gigantic, or my thighs are lumpy or my fat roll is pooching above the waistband of my tights. Plus, I want to stop wanting to nap all the time; I am hoping diet and exercise will accomplish what 9 hours of sleep a night can’t seem to.

So, by starting now, this gives me approximately 11 months to accomplish my goal(s). I haven’t weighed myself in weeks but I assume I’ve ticked just above the 160-pound mark. As a 5’5” woman, I could be doing better. Still, by no means do I think I’m fat, despite what I have decided to name the blog. And by no means do I have a bad body image or think I am unlovable because I’ve got a little extra dough around the middle. I just need to get back on track, back to eating enough greens and fiber and iron. But when there is 5 Guys down the street, New York pizza on call, and a lack of personal will power—well, you can see how things got away from me in the past few years.

Since I recall that, sometime during my sophomore year in college, I weighed 135 lb., that is going to be my goal. Twenty-five pounds in 11 months. Altogether doable. I plan to eat 5 smaller meals a day; these will be detailed in the Food Journal part of the blog. The other pages will detail pretty much what they say, too: exercise and the weight lost (this will be recorded every Monday when I do my weekly weigh-in). I figure this blog is a way to hold myself accountable, a way to force myself to be mindful of what I am eating and how much I am exercising. Otherwise, I would just keep saying “I’ll do it tomorrow, the diet starts tomorrow, eat right tomorrow.” And then, whaddya know, it’s the wedding and I have be rolled down the aisle like Veruca Salt.

I can’t promise every post will be funny or interesting or helpful. Weight loss blogs are inherently narcissistic, and often serve the blogger more than the readers. Still, I am sure you’ll find I won’t be taking this too seriously–I hate dieting as much as the next person, so I won’t be going all I WILL ONLY EAT WHEAT BRAN on anyone. If I don’t make the diet fun, it’s going to be a chore, and I will probably be more prone to slipping.

But enough. You’ll hear more from me tomorrow. Right now, I am going to get to bed early because at 6:45am, I am waking up to go work out. WHO AM I? Gross.

I will leave you with this final thought, which sums up my sentiments on this whole (mis)adventure: I just want to be able to zip my jeans again—is that too much to ask?


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