Posted by: Sara S. | November 20, 2009

I’m a micro-manager, so sue me.

I finished my first work-week of working out 5/5 on the morning exercise. There was a good bunch of cardio, some weight-training and a lot of soreness this morning when I got out of bed (could barely lift my cellphone to my ear, God forbid). I must admit, I have been extremely peppy about this improved lifestyle of mine. To that end, I am fairly confident my nearest and dearest are damn sick of hearing me wax poetic on the topic of New Sara. I set out to lose weight; I hope I don’t also lose friends in the process. (Love you, Jenna!)

And now, I’m heading into the weekend—duhn, duhn, duhn.

I’ve already done some mental planning about when I will fit in my workouts and what I am going to eat. In fact, I have brunch with Liz tomorrow (!!!) and was concerned I wouldn’t be able to resist when faced with ooey gooey challah french toast or the like. So, I checked out the menu beforehand and asked Jenna to help me decide what to eat. After careful consideration, the butternut squash omelet (egg whites) emerged victorious! I am usually not one to peruse menus and make decisions before getting to a restaurant. The surprise is half the fun, duh! BUT, I think this sort of pre-screening is exactly what will help me control my urges. I did the same thing before going to Chop’t for lunch today. It’s all about the planning.

For instance, I went with a low-cal lunch because I am treating myself (and Tommy) to mussels tonight. They are packed with protein, but high in sodium and cholesterol. Still, assuming I can keep the butter and oil to a minimum, it’s a healthy affair. As soon as I decided to have a more indulgent dinner, it meant I had to keep my during-the-day calories to a minimum; that meant less snacking and a very light lunch. Fine, fine.

In summary, if this first week taught me anything—besides the fact that your system requires a couple days to adjust to added veggies/roughage/fiber intake—it’s that everything you eat has more calories than you think, or at least more calories than I think. I was shocked when I started tallying my daily calories and saw that I was reaching 1800 without even realizing it. I am eager to weigh myself Monday morning and see if I’ve made any progress. I figure I can rejigger if it’s looking like what I’m doing isn’t working. On that point, I am leaving you with 2 helpful websites this weekend. The first is Nutrition Data, a website I’ve been using since college to figure out how many calories are in my meals. The second is newer to me and helps you calculate your BMI/BMR as well as how many calories you need to burn each day to lose weight.


BMR calculator


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