Posted by: Sara S. | November 27, 2009

Off the rails

I received a gchat from Marissa this morning asking me to post because she thought, maybe, I had stopped eating in the last 2 days and wasted away.

If only.

No, friends, it is not a case of eating too little, but rather eating too much. Vacation and the finer fare of Siesta Key have gotten the better of me. I ate a bowl of Cap’n Crunch Crunch Berries yesterday. For those of you living under rocks, this is pretty much the sugariest of sugar cereals. There was also apple pie. And a brownie sundae. Let’s not also forget the fried mahi-mahi sandwich, the steak and the lobster with garlic butter. I’m sorry, have I covered it all?

/Sigh. I hate you, holiday season.

My only saving grace is that I just got back from an hour workout on the beach. That’s definitely not enough to cover the thousands of calories I’ve consumed over the past three days, but it is something. I can hear the voice in my head (aka super-supportive Jenna) telling me that I can eat poorly for one day without totally losing it. In the past, it’s never been the case and it usually spells the end of my diet.

Not this time.

I am willing to admit that this vacation has turned into something of a wash nutritionally, and I will probably gain back those 4 pounds I lost, but it is not—it is NOT—going to carry over to my return to New York. I have been too proud of myself over the past week to let something as trivial as Crunch Berries take me down. TAKE THAT, CRUNCH BERRIES.

Trust me when I say that I have been dreading writing this post since Wednesday. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to go through this display of weakness. But, it seems I have. It’s a four-day blemish on what I hope will now be a mostly blemish-free year. If anything, eating all this crap has only affirmed for me that it’s a lifestyle I simply can’t return to. It also proves you can stumble, but it doesn’t mean you fell flat on your face and should give up. And lastly, it proves that committing to a food journal and actually filling it out will keep me accountable (see: last 2 days of neglecting food journal). I know you might not believe me about my rebound ability, but hey, I did come clean on my little holiday bingefest, didn’t I?

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgivings, and I hope you take away an important lesson from today’s post. I might be down, but I am not out.  And if you think this means I am going to end up being a fat (fat being a subjective, non-derogatory, perhaps inaccurate term) bridesmaid—-then you are sorely mistaken.


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