Posted by: Sara S. | December 1, 2009

Farewell, Sreepy Sreeperton!

I find myself incapable of predicting when I will sleep through the night and when I will wake up at 6am for no reason, only to make terrifying mental to-do lists and catalog my personal faults. Because WHAT ELSE DO YOU DO AT 6AM? This morning, it was 6AM, I had to pee (I fought with myself for a while about whether I actually had to pee or was just being weak), I got up to pee, made the stupid mistake of sneaking a look at my alarm clock, then proceeded to freak out about the approaching work day for 45 minutes.

But you know what? Sure, I was tired on my way to work. Maybe I even thought about taking a nap in the shower—dangerous, but possible. And yet, on days like these, after I’ve slept restlessly and woken up around dawn, I’m never as tired as I was back when I’d eat chips and fatty turkey melts and drink soda at lunch. I no longer suffer from that post-lunch sleepiness that often hit around 3pm. I do not miss it a bit.

My mom once told me that large portions of carbs and fried food will make you tired; this was in college when there was such as thing as the French fry station and when pasta night rolled around twice a week. I remember piling a cereal bowl high with those McDonald’s-like fries and settling in for a nice starchy dinner. Two hours later, you could find me napping in one of the chairs in the library.

Don’t get me wrong: I still love to sleep. I get into bed around 10pm and try to get around 8 hours of shuteye. Now, though, I’m tired around bedtime and not midway through the afternoon. Jenna used to tell me, whenever I complained that I was tired all the time and therefore had anemia or mono or the flu, that I wasn’t allowed to whine until I started exercising and eating right. She figured, rightly so, that it was all about my diet and lethargic lifestyle. And now that I’ve gone out and tested negative for anemia and mono and the flu, I suppose I’ll go ahead and believe her.


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