Posted by: Sara S. | December 9, 2009

When the going gets tough, the tough get carrot sticks

Without a doubt, there are a great many downsides to gaining weight. There’s the pervasive sensation of lethargy, the despondence related to becoming an Oompa-Loompa-ed version of yourself, the lack of nutrients and the overabundance of saturated fat, sodium, cholesterol.

These are all annoying and regrettable side effects of porking up (I know; I lived them) but, in my humble opinion, they don’t compare to the sad feeling of growing out of your favorite clothes, the feeling of turning normal skirts into high-waisted skirts because your stomach blubber expanded, the feeling of needing to unbutton your jeans after lunch. Do I put my fat roll over the waistband of my tights, or do I try to trap it in my tights? You see my point.

Slowly, but surely, these trends will reverse. I will begin to find that my pants and skirts are looser. In fact, I am already realizing that I no longer notice the familiar post-consumption cinching as my clothes and my stomach go to battle over tenths of inches. There will also be the clothes I haven’t worn in months, and the ones I might actually be forced to buy in a new size. I am getting so far ahead of myself I almost just tripped on the future, but those days are out there, waiting. I just have to get to them.


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