Posted by: Sara S. | December 17, 2009

When life hands you pumpkin puree…

I know I said the Favorite Recipes page would house all recipe-related things, but it appears I lied. I am taking this opportunity to share a recipe and a neat cooking trick my mom just taught me.

When Erica and I made cookies for Jenna’s party last week, I ended up with some leftover pureed pumpkin. My freezer could not be full of more soup, so all  pumpkin soup recipes were out. Despite how ubiquitous pumpkin recipes supposedly are (ahem Erica), I couldn’t find very many to fit my tastes.

Luckily, Libby’s to the rescue! I found this incredibly tasty-looking recipe for shepherd’s pie that used pumpkin for the topping. Interested in making it healthier still, I substituted a sweet potato for the regular white potato. I was also concerned about the fat in ground beef, which is exquisitely yummy but not too low-cal, even in sirloin form. Sad about resorting to ground turkey t, I talked to my mom. She recommended cooking the beef in its own pan before adding it to the veggies, then draining the grease and even rinsing the meat with water. I mean, that’s pretty genius. Thanks, Mom.

When you’re done baking, I suggest cutting the pie into 6 squares and putting them in different Tupperware containers for lunch or dinner. I did the math and say it’s about 220 cal. before serving, assuming 6 servings.

Bon appetit, pumpkin people!


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