Posted by: Sara S. | December 28, 2009

This isn’t making too much sense

I got on the scale today in Florida and it read 146 lbs. back to me. That would mean I lost seven pounds in a week, which I am just not willing to believe. Sure, it would be nice, but also a little scary. I never intended to do this the super-sonic way. My parents hypothesize that it’s because we’re eating “dinner” at 2pm and not eating anything too heavy beyond that hour. Plus, I am working out for an hour. I guess… Still, I will be weighing myself Thursday morning when I return to New York, to see if it’s a difference between the scales here and there. If, however, the 140s are here to stay, damn does it feel good to see that little 4 again. There’s something about being on the wrong side of 150 pounds that makes you feel like a heifer.


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