Posted by: Sara S. | January 11, 2010

Almost halfway there!

I lost a pound this past week, which isn’t nothing. It’s especially not nothing considering that I did my fair share of splurging, between the Chinese food fest and fat-kid Sunday brunch. Essentially, it’s a good lesson that working out combats all evils. It’s also a good lesson in not letting your diet prevent you from eating scrumptious things (hence the inspiration for the post below). So for the record: I have lost 12 pounds, and now have 12.8 pounds to go.



  1. Sar, you are doing SO well! I’m jealous! Have you noticed a difference in your clothes yet? When I’m losing weight I’ve always found this weird effect where my clothes fit just fine until I hit 12-15 pounds lost, and then, BAM, everything is way too big. Really bizarre…

    • Awww, thanks for the encouragement, Em! I will have to let you know about the baggy-clothes phenomenon. Right now, I am beginning to see that my pants are growing less flattering as they become sack-like rather than form-fitting. It is certainly weird to see yourself shrink, even if it’s not noticeable on a daily basis–just recognizing here and there that, hey, I take up a little less room than I used to. That, and having amazing street cred with fellow gym-goers who run into me there every day. Bottom line, hopefully we’ll see you this summer and you can take in the finished product 🙂 …as creepy as that sounds. Oh, and as an aside: after seeing It’s Complicated, I am beginning to think I belong in Santa Barbara. Join? xo.

      • Oh I can’t wait to get my hands on that finished product! And I do know that baggy pants phenomenon – it’s always hard because you want to wait until you’re at your goal to splurge on new clothes, but it sucks to look like a bag lady in the meanwhile. On Santa Barbara: I shall join you there as soon as I become fabulously wealthy. Until then, though, perhaps we should plan a Nor/Central Cal trip at some point – the drive down Pacific Coast Hwy from Oregon is totally and unbelievably beautiful.

        p.s. October is really not that far away! Already getting excited…

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