About Me


I am an Editorial Assistant at a New York-based children’s book publisher.  I read books and prospective books for a living; don’t be jel. I live in Brooklyn. I have a boyfriend who is supportive of my mission, even if it means setting the alarm for 6:45a.m. to work out. I have friends who are also supportive, but who do not sleep over and don’t care what time I get up.

I grew up in Buffalo, NY. That does not mean I am an Eskimo or immune to cold weather, it just means I have a soft spot for roast beef, chicken wings, hot dogs and pizza—you can see why this is a problem. My parents still live in Buffalo; I call them every day. My father is very happy I am starting to work out again (my winning a Nobel would be considered a lesser achievement).

My favorite foods, which should not be making an appearance in the next year: French fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, Polish sausage, Italian sausage, cheesesteaks, Twinkies, Tastykake, cupcakes, Oreos, Milky Way, cheese fries, bagels with cream cheese.


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